How to Start Using Article Marketing to Promote Your Site – Part 1

For those of you not familiar with article marketing, what took you so long? Article marketing is only one of the best ways to promote your online business. Guess what? It’s also one of the least expensive site promotion tools out there.

Why Article Marketing works so well

Article Marketing works because websites need content to help attract and keep visitor eyeballs glued to their web pages. Who better to provide that content, than the very folks that frequent the web on a continual basis? People like you and I. You write articles, publish them to article sites, article directories and the articles are in turn picked up by other websites through syndication. They use your article content to attract visitors. The more visitors, the more advertising they can sell.

About now, you are probably asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” One word – “links”. At the bottom of your article you are going to include a link to your website. That means that if your article is published widely, you have the possibility of many people reading your articles and clicking on your link to visit your website.

“Ok, I believe that it works but I really don’t consider myself a writer”

Not to worry, neither did I. Some folks are born writers, some have to bring out the writer in them. Even the most timid of souls has a yearning to communicate information about a topic that is close to their heart. The first few articles are always the hardest, but once you get past the fear factor, it really feels good to speak to the world. To start, I recommend doing a search for an article on a topic you want to write about and using that article as a guideline. Please don’t plagiarize another writer’s work, just use the article to get ideas, bullet points and a basic framework. From there, go ahead and insert your own ideas and commentary on the subject.

“What can I write about?”

I always advise my clients to write about what they are most passionate about and what they are most interested in. The trick is that the topics that they write about should relate to the website they are trying to drive traffic to.

“How long should the article be?”

Try to write short concise articles. Somewhere between 400-750 words is always a good bet. Just so you don’t have to count every single word you write, just write your article in Microsoft Word. By default, Word displays a running count of how many words you have typed.

Stay tuned for the part 2, where we’ll tell you where you can place those masterful works of penmanship you have created in order to maximize your audience.

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